Accepted Demos, Posters and Doctoral Consortium Abstracts



Demo Papers

John Austin The Book of Endless History: Authorial use of GPT2 for Interactive Storytelling

Poster Papers

Maurice Suckling Dungeon on the Move: A case study of a procedurally-driven narrative project in progress.
Joshua Fisher, Melissa Foulger and Jennifer Edwards Practical Insights for XR Devised Performances
Nic Velissaris and Jessica Rivera Villicana Towards Intelligent Interactive Theatre: Drama Management as a way of handling performance
Seiki Tokunaga, Katie Seaborn, Kazuhiro Tamura and Mihoko Otake-Matsuura Cognitive Training for Older Adults with a Dialogue-Based, Robot-Facilitated Storytelling System
Torbjörn Svensson Using VR to Simulate Interactable AR storytelling
Hartmut Koenitz, Teun Dubbelman and Christian Roth An Educational Program in Interactive Narrative Design
Rushit Sanghrajka and R. Michael Young A Knowledge Representation for Planning-Based Story Generation Applied to the Manual and Automatic Encoding of Plot
Rushit Sanghrajka, R. Michael Young, Brian Salisbury and Eric Lang SHOWRUNNER: A Tool for Storyline Execution/Visualization in 3D Game Environments
Sergio Estupinan and Nicolas Szilas When did I lose them? Using Process Mining to study user engagement in Interactive Digital Narrative
Sylvia Rothe and Heinrich Hussmann Spaceline: A Concept for Interaction in Cinematic Virtual Reality
Asim Hameed, Shafaq Irshad and Prof. Andrew Perkis Towards a Quality Framework for Immersive Media Experiences: A Holistic Approach
Saylee Bhide, Elizabeth Goins and Joe Geigel Experimental Analysis of Spatial Sound for Storytelling in Virtual Reality
Kenton Howard and Rachel Donley Using Ink and Interactive Fiction to Teach Interactive Design
Jon Womack and William Freeman Interactive Narrative Generation Using Location and Genre Specific Context
Chanjun Mu Is “Citizen Kane” Moment Coming? – A Research on Chinese VR Documentary Practice and Storytelling
Bjørn Anker Gjøl, Niels Valentin Jørgensen and Luis Emilio Bruni Narrative Urgency: Motivating Action in Interactive Digital Media
Sarah Brown, Sharon Chu and Trystan Loustau Embodying Cognitive Processes in Storytelling Interfaces for Children
Kara Cassell and R. Michael Young A Machinima-Based Evaluation of Leveraging Machinima to Characterize Viewer Comprehension of Character Motivation in DDRSs
Hyeyeon Yu, Seohui Park, Yun-Gyung Cheong, Moon-Hyun Kim and Byung-Chull Bae Emotion-based Story Event Clustering

Doctoral Consortium

Alice Bowman Companionship Games: A framework for emotionally engaging and empathetic interactive characters
Kenneth Chen Towards Design Principles for Fashion in Interactive Emergent Narrative
Kenton Taylor Howard A Design Framework for Learning About Representation in Video Games Through Modification of Narrative and Gameplay