Accepted Papers






Full Papers

  Erica Kleinman, Elin Carstensdottir and Magy Seif El-Nasr   "It's all Greek to Me": Developing a Framework for analyzing Diegesis in Digital Narrative Games
  Bjarke Alexander Larsen, Luis Emilio Bruni and Henrik Schoenau-Fog   The Story We Cannot See: On How a Retelling Relates to its Afterstory
  Harrison Jesse Smith, Brian Riley, Lena Reed, Vrindavan Harrison, Marilyn Walker and Michael Neff   The Impact of Multi-Character Story Distribution and Gesture on Children’s Engagement
  Hartmut Koenitz and Mirjam Eladhari   Challenges of IDN Research and Teaching
  Renske van Enschot, Iris Boogaard, Hartmut Koenitz and Christian Roth   The Potential of Interactive Digital Narratives. Agency and Multiple Perspectives in Last Hijack Interactive.
  Mubbasir Kapadia, Carlos Muniz, Samuel Sohn, Ye Pan, Sasha Schriber, Kenny Mitchell and Markus Gross   JUNGLE: An Interactive Visual Platform for Collaborative Creation and Consumption of Nonlinear Transmedia Stories
  Chris Martens and Owais Iqbal   Villanelle: An Authoring Tool for Autonomous Characters in Interactive Fiction
  Md Sultan Al Nahian, Tasmia Tasrin, Sagar Gandhi, Ryan Gaines and Brent Harrison   A Hierarchical Approach for Visual Storytelling Using Image Description
  Max Kreminski, Melanie Dickinson and Noah Wardrip-Fruin   Felt: A Simple Story Sifter
  Christian Roth   The ‘Angstfabriek’ experience: Factoring Fear into TransformativeInteractive Narrative Design
  Rebecca Rouse   Someone Else’s Story: An Ethical Approach to Interactive Narrative Design for Cultural Heritage
  Alina Striner, Sasha Azad and Chris Martens   A Spectrum of Audience Interactivity for Entertainment Domains
  Bradford Mott, Seung Lee, Robert Taylor, Jonathan Rowe, Asmalina Saleh, Krista Glazewski, Cindy Hmelo-Silver and James Lester   Designing and Developing Interactive Narratives for Collaborative Problem-Based Learning
  Lobke Kolhoff and Frank Nack   How Relevant Is Your Choice? User Engagement and Perceived Agency in Interactive Digital Narratives on Video Streaming Platforms

Short Papers

  Bjarke Alexander Larsen and Henrik Schoenau-Fog   "Well, That was Quick" -- Towards Storyworld Adaptivity That Reacts To Players as People
  Alex Mitchell, Liting Kway and Brandon Junhui Lee   Storygameness: Understanding Repeat Experience and the Desire for Closure in Storygames
  Kenneth Tan and Alex Mitchell   Choose Your Permanent Adventure: Towards a Framework for Irreversible Storygames
  Liudmyla Gapiuk, Sergio Estupinan and Nicolas Szilas   Effects of higher interactivity on the Interactive Narrative Experience: an experimental study
  Ryan House   "What’chu Lookin’ At?": Narrative, Spectatorship, and Ludic Constructivism in Variable State's Virginia
  Nanjie Rao, Sharon Lynn Chu, Randi Faris and Daniel Ospina   The Effects of Interactive Emotional Priming on Storytelling: An Exploratory Study
  Mei Si, Andrew White and Zev Battad   Facilitating Information Exploration of Archival Library Materials through Multi-modal Storytelling
  Vincenzo Lombardo, Rossana Damiano and Antonio Pizzo   Creating and querying a drama dataset
  Barbara De Kegel and Mads Haahr   Towards Procedural Generation of Narrative Puzzles for Adventure Games
  Sarah Brown, Sharon Lynn Chu, Francis Quek, Pomaikai Canaday, Qing Li, Trystan Loustau, Sindy Wu and Lina Zhang   Towards a Gesture-Based Story Authoring System: Design Implications from Feature Analysis of Iconic Gestures During Storytelling
  Brandon Thorne, David Winer, Camille Barot and R. Michael Young   Firebolt: A System for Automated Low-Level Cinematic Narrative Realization