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Designing narrative engagement for cinematic VR

Organizers: Mirjam Vosmeer, Genèviéve Korte and Alyea Sandovar
In this half day workshop, participants will first get a chance to watch the interactive cinematic VR experience Meeting Rembrandt. Subsequently, we will discuss the strategies for narrative engagement that the producers have implemented in this particular VR movie. After a short presentation on the theoretical background, we will choose a case study and work together on the design for a paper prototype or storyboard for a VR/MR experience.

Methods in Interactive Narrative Pedagogy: Card-based Prototyping 

Organizers: Hartmut Koenitz, Christian Roth, Teun Dubbelman, Noam Knoller, Mads Haahr, Digdem Sezen, Tonguc Sezen
Educating a new generation of professionals and scholars in Interactive Narrative is an important consideration for the nascent field. Paper prototyping plays an important role in the creation of interactive digital narratives (IDN). A structured prototyping approach can help improve the process of creating IDNs. In particular, pre-made, specialized card designs can speed up the process considerably and also help in the transition to digital prototypes. In this workshop, we will continue the work from the previous iteration to evolve structured methods and use pre-made cards in successive rounds of working towards a detailed prototype. We will also use this opportunity to evaluate different approaches through questionnaires and interviews.

 Ludonarrative Meaning-making, Transformative Experience and Cultural Influence 

Organizers: Christian Roth and Julie Dacanay
How do you integrate ludonarrative meaning-making into the design of interactive narrative experiences? What role does culture play in the design and perception of interactive artefacts? How do you enhance transformational potential? Understanding the meaning-making process is crucial in designing meaningful experiences.
In the workshop Ludonarrative Meaning-making, Transformative Experience and Cultural Influence, we look at how the delivery and reception of meaning are influenced by different factors, including personal and cultural backgrounds, and how these factors contribute to the creation of transformative experiences.
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