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Update: The art exhibit dates have been changed.

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The conference has a long-standing tradition of bringing together theoretical and practical approaches in an interdisciplinary dialogue. This year, the exhibition will be held in connection with the ICIDS conference in Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Magpie Gallery. The art exhibition will be held in conjunction with the academic conference, which runs from 19 – 22 of November, with the opening taking place on November 20th at 6 pm (MST). A printed catalog of descriptions of the work and artist’s statements with supporting images will be given to exhibitors and conference attendees at the opening of the exhibition.

The ICIDS 2019 Art Exhibition offers the opportunity for artists to present artworks relevant to the field of interactive storytelling through the broad lens of the curated theme: The Expression of Emotion in Humans and Technology. The curatorial theme is intended to inspire (as opposed to constrain) creativity in the imagination and expression of the artist.

About the Curatorial Theme: The Expression of Emotions in Humans and Technology

Charles Darwin argued almost 150 years ago, the Universal Nature of Expression; which is to say that, “the young and the old of widely different races, both with man and animals, express the same state of mind by the same movements.” As technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence advances, it seems appropriate to ask how will we interpret and understand expressions of emotion from technology?

Interactive digital storytelling is poised to radically eclipse the traditional bounds of traditional linear story arcs. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and technological advances in human sensory immersion offer us a glimpse into the not too distant future of the cultural impact of communication, entertainment, and algorithmic emotional expression. 

Taking a cue from Darwin’s seminal work in “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals,” this exhibition encourages the artist to explore the concepts of The Expression of Emotion in Humans and Technology. Submitting artists are encouraged to cross disciplines, technologies, and/or global societies to explore the impact on human experience through the following or relevant questions:

  • The advancement of synthetic imagery, complex avatars, AI mimicry and enhanced portrayal of human beings via social media and emerging technologies beg the question of what is real and what is morally and ethically acceptable? Who and what should we trust?
  • What is the relationship between humans and technology and between AI agents?  How might Human to AI and AI to AI interactions provide a basis for conveying emotional understanding and empathy? What perspectives may we gain about humanity through our cultural assimilation with technology?
  • In the social media arena, sociologists are studying the impacts of online interaction as opposed to person to person contact. What are the moral, emotional, physiological, and psychological implications of integrating AI and machine learning process and decisions into our communication, leisure, learning, and social experiences?
  • VR is available to the masses, and as AR and Mixed Reality platforms continue to develop, will the future of communication and socialization consist of society adorned en masse with headsets and tactile feedback attire? How should we envision our future interaction with technology as we move beyond the keyboard and mouse?

Submissions to the Art Exhibit

The ICIDS Art Exhibition welcomes proposals for interactive digital storytelling artworks that explore the curatorial theme, The Expression of Emotion in Humans and Technology, and that engage with the challenge of combining computational digital media and storytelling.

Artworks can include, but are not limited to:

– screen-based computational works

– web-based works

– interactive installations

– augmented, virtual, and mixed reality

– mobile and location-based works

– computer games

– interactive documentaries

– transmedia works

…and any other artistic works that involve some combination of computational and/or rule-based system and interactive storytelling. 

Artworks must be completed by the time of the exhibition, and not at the concept stage.  Works-in-progress or technology demonstrations are more appropriate for the academic conference demonstration track and should be submitted there.  Submitted works will be reviewed by a jury, and selected works will be exhibited in the exhibition space and included in the online exhibition catalogue.

To submit artwork for consideration, participants must complete the following form:

Criteria for Selection

We are looking for novel, thought-provoking, evocative, sensor-rich interactive art experiences created by a diverse and broad group of creative practitioners. The selection will be based on the criteria listed below in order of priority.

  1. Creativity: original or innovative use of interactive media, articulating the relationships between interactivity and storytelling.
  2. Strength of the concept: depth, coherence, and originality.
  3. Relevance to the theme: demonstrates the ability to shed light on, elaborate, or personalize the exhibition theme “The Expression of Emotion in Humans and Technology.”
  4. Feasibility: ease of installation (or provides clear guidance for installation) Note: consider restrictions of set-up time, resources.
  5. Durability: work should be able to withstand users’ active interaction.

Important Dates

September 15, 2019 October 13, 2019 Submission deadline
September 24, 2019 October 16, 2019 Artist notified (via email)
September 29, 2019 October 19, 2019 Accepted artist, respond with agreement
November 15, 2019 Shipped work must arrive
November 19, 2019 Installation of Artwork by organizers
November 20, 2019 Opening Night
November 23, 2019 Closing of Art Exhibition
November 25, 2019 Artwork returned to artist

Contact Information

For questions, please email the Art Exhibit Curators Ryan Bown ( and Brian Salisbury (


Ryan Bown (University of Utah, US)
Brian Salisbury (University of Utah, US)

Jury Members

Jessica Bedingfield
Curator and Community Outreach, Davis Arts Council
Davis, UT, USA

Suzanne Freyadis, MA
IGDA edSIG, Chair
Portland, OR, USA

Al Johnstone, MFA
Associate Instructor, Entertainment Arts and Engineering, University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT, USA